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Video marketing is rapidly becoming a popular way of advertising rental properties. Other than doing an in-person walk-through, video tours are the second best way of showing off the virtues of your property. Video marketers are noticing significant differences in their sales all thanks to video marketing.  Renters and property buyers are constantly surfing the internet for homes and your target market is the online audience within your locality. An online visitor spends an average of 48 seconds on a website but that time increases to over  5 minutes with the visitor tries to view your video(s). Rental property management companies in Bangalore are buying into this trend.

The use of videos by a property manager will lead to better exposure. The use of video in your property ads amplifies the views the property enjoys online through a video tour. From the video tour, the renter is able to decide if the property matches their taste before putting through a call for formal contact. A video tour saves renters the time of making a physical assessment of each listing they find. Videos are easily shared so, with a lot of sites available, Rental property management companies in Bangalore can readily share videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

How can a property manager go about creating unique videos for their properties? Property listing videos or slideshows can be created to generate more inquiries while customer testimonial videos can be used for attracting more clients.

Financially buoyant Rental property management companies in Bangalore can contact marketing firms for unique marketing videos. Many professional marketing firms exist that make use of video marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy for clients.

While companies with a slim budget can bank on mobile applications such as Animoto (free), Boomerang, YouTube Director, Videoshop, and Instagram. The success of video marketing is completely dependent on the quality of the video. To make an appealing video, ensure it is smooth, clear and provides an accurate view of the property. Use a standard camera – Not necessarily a professional camera but one that can produce clear videos that can be uploaded online. It is imperative to make use of a wide angle lens attachment on your phone or camera that will help shoot a small room making it appear bigger and open.

Highlight special features – Make sure to show special features of the property such as laundry room, gym, swimming pool, etc.

Limit video time – Do not make long videos. Internet users do not spend much time viewing online content so, a long video (above 5 minutes) can become boring and your video must go straight to the point.

Now, you can attract more renters to view your property. At rentprop4u we utilize all means to attract the right kind of tenant to your property.


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