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Why do property managements have 11 month agreements?

Why do property managements have 11 month agreements?

Property management companies operate legally and therefore manage properties under lease agreements, signed by both owners and tenants. This makes it easier for both parties to trust the system and are obligated to color within the lines of the norms laid down in the rental agreement. A rental agreement usually includes rent, security deposit, property […]


Video marketing is rapidly becoming a popular way of advertising rental properties. Other than doing an in-person walk-through, video tours are the second best way of showing off the virtues of your property. Video marketers are noticing significant differences in their sales all thanks to video marketing. ¬†Renters and property buyers are constantly surfing the […]

Housing for All by 2022, Reviving Real Estate in India

The government of India is concerned about its citizens and aims to provide affordable homes for all its citizens both in rural and urban areas by 2022. The government is aiming to go beyond the luxury homes flooding the real estate market and provide cheap and affordable urban housing. ¬†Former President Pranab Mukherjee announced in […]

Restaurants to try out in Bangalore this valentine’s day

Bangalore is a unique city, it has over 2700 restaurants. Living in Bangalore as a foodie would mean an extraordinary experience of different aromas and delicacies. You can give yourself and loved ones a taste of love this valentine as you explore the restaurants in Bangalore and experience the beauty of food Bangalore has to […]

Tenancy Laws for Property Management in Bangalore

Tenancy Laws in Bangalore Imagine having a squabble with your Landlord over delayed repairs, unannounced visits, and ridiculous guest policies. Laws help not only in dispute resolutions but also in the protection of rights. Your rental property management company in Bangalore would insist that you familiarise yourself with the tenancy laws and also ensure you […]