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How to keep your house warm during Winter?

How to keep your house warm during Winter?

Wanna feel ‘Snug as a bug in a rug’ this winter?

Enjoy the perks that come along with the Wintery cold nights, like drinking hot chocolate as you snuggle under the blanket, reclining into your old lazy boy chair with your furry pooch friend to keep you warm, and rocking those vintage Cashmere sweaters this season to name a few. Feeling warm and cozy already?! Wait there’s more!


A situation many of us can relate to, is waking up to frozen feet! Pull up your sock, leave those curtains and windows wide open and let all the goodness of sunlight flood your house. Don’t underestimate the effects of natural light, as it can be a free source of warmth during the day. But as the sun retires for the evening, make sure to shut your windows and blinds to prevent drafts from gushing in.


Plants by the process of transpiration evaporate and release moisture into the air. But, you’d already be familiar with this, were you a science geek! As moisture holds heat better, humidifying your house with plants is a great idea to keep your house warm.

The Fan

Did you know that the fan can keep you warm? That’s right! You can switch the settings of the fan, to circulate in the clockwise direction to keep your room cozy and warm. It’s a great way to save on expensive heating appliances.


Candles not only create that tranquil calming ambiance to sooth your senses, they can also be used to keep you warm during winters. One very inexpensive way to do this is to light some candles and place them over a metal plate. Cover these candles with clay pots and voila, your room will be warmer in no time!


Ok! So the ground rule, come winter is to layer yourself with warm cloths. You could do the same for your home. Use a rug or carpets to layer your floors, as tiled or marble floors can get really cold during winter. You can also layer your windows with bubble wrap for extreme wintery nights. The gaps underneath doors can be layered with towels to prevent cool air from coming in.

 Electric Heating Appliances

You would usually have one or two of these in your house, to beat the extreme temperatures but getting your hands on an energy efficient heater, like oil heaters can be safe for kids and benefit you in the long run.

Last but not least….

So this goes without saying but, keep your house clean and tidy, to avoid infestation of tiny flies, as they breed along the cracks and holes, and take shelter in your house during winter.

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