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Legal Rights of a Landlord

A landlord is anyone who owns a property that is let out for tenant occupancy. Owning a rental property may have its investment perks,
however, as long as the owners adhere to the laws laid down by the Rent
Control Act of their respective state, they are free to exercise their rules
upon tenants occupying their property. The Legal rights of a landlord
ensures that he is in control of the possession of his property. Some of the
rights of the landlords include:
 The right to choose a suitable tenant who will occupy their property. The
owner can also do a background check of their prospective tenant by
looking into their employment records and previous tenancy records.
 The landlord has the right to collect security deposit in an escrow account to indemnify him for any future losses. He can deduct from the deposit in case of damages done to the property.
 The landlord can impose a rent according to the industry standards and
holds the right to monthly rent payments as per the terms and conditions
of the rental agreement.
 The landlord can evict the tenant if they breach the rental agreement by
indulging in illegal activity, subletting the property without prior intimation, delaying payments etc.
 The landlord has the right to charge the tenant 10% of the rent as
maintenance fee towards the upkeep of his property.
 The landlord can also recover possession of his property for renovation
under the conditions that it cannot be carried out if the property is not
 The landlord has the right to impose a fee towards charges for water and
electricity levied upon by the local bodies.
 The landlord may increase the rent up to 10% annually, if the tenant
decides to occupy the property for more than a year.
 The landlord can conduct a periodical inspection of the property for the
updates on maintenance issues.
 The landlord has the right to be updated on the tenant’s Tax Reduction
and Collection Account Number (TAN), if the rental income crosses the
specified tax limits.


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