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The To-Do List before moving out of your rental apartment

The To-Do List before moving out of your rental apartment

It’s that time of the year when you get your stuff packing, ready to move out of your
apartment but your left hazy with the numerous decisions you have to make. We can all
agree that moving out of your apartment is an emotionally draining experience, as much as
it is an exhausting one to go through. However, you need to make sure that you do not miss
any of the minor details during the fray of moving out. So make sure to create a checklist of
all the things you need to do before vacating the apartment. Leave the property in good
condition and make sure to comply with all tenant responsibilities mentioned in the
agreement regarding the vacation process.

Review the Rental agreement:
Your rental agreement is a backup in-case you are faced with difficulties during your move
out. So always maintain a copy of the agreement for future reference. It will include details
like the termination date of the agreement, the rules and regulations to follow while
sending the move-out notice, maintenance obligations, utility transfers etc.

Send a termination Notice:
It is mandatory for tenants to send a notice to the concerned persons informing them of the
move-out date and reasons for vacating the property as well as a request for the refund of
the security deposit. The notice is usually served 1 month prior to vacating the apartment.
It will spare you enough time to sort out the clutter and manage all the final repair and
cleaning activities before you hand over the keys to your apartment. This will also give the
owner or the property manager sufficient time to find a tenant and guarantee them a move
in date. Make sure to vacate the apartment on time to avoid paying extra rent.

Leave the apartment Spotless:
You might leave the rooms immaculate only to find that your landlord has charged you for
minor details, like taking out the trash that you left in the backyard or the dust in the
windowsill. Deep cleaning of the entire house should take a lot of time and effort and it is
better to leave it to the professionals hired by property managers to undertake the deep
cleaning, painting and any repair work left pending from your side. Be mindful that repair
work for any damage to the property, other than for natural wear and tear will be borne by

Breaking the lease early
Most rental agreements should have specific clauses stating the terms and conditions for
breaking the agreement before the termination date. In case of an eleven-month agreement
-If you are looking to move out within the first 5 months of occupying the property, you
may incur a penalty of 1 months’ rent as a way of compensating your owner or property
manager for the financial loss of rent and advertisement activities.

And finally, in order to avoid being caught up in a monetary feud with the owner, keep a check on the
maintenance issues and take responsibility for the property entrusted to you throughout the entire
tenancy period.


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