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How is technology improving property management?

Technology is revolutionizing the way we live and go about our business. The real estate industry is having its fair share of technology use. Rental property management companies in Bangalore are also buying into the idea of exploring technology to ease the way and method business is being carried out. Paper to Digital Years ago, […]


Video marketing is rapidly becoming a popular way of advertising rental properties. Other than doing an in-person walk-through, video tours are the second best way of showing off the virtues of your property. Video marketers are noticing significant differences in their sales all thanks to video marketing. ¬†Renters and property buyers are constantly surfing the […]

Legal Checklist before You Rent in Bangalore

You have an image of your dream home in mind before picking contacting the rental property manager and a checklist has been prepared that clearly states your preferences. But most often, we get so carried away with the euphoria of getting our dream home we forget about the legal checklist. Yes, there is a legal […]

What’s the Future of Bangalores Real Estate in the Next Five Years?

For a long time, lots of investors have been sceptical of Bangalore’s residential real estate. Some wonder how long the IT boom that has made Bangalore one of the most popular cities in India would last. Some experts hold a different view as they anticipate a marginal upward increase in pricing for the residential real […]

Searching for a Disability Friendly Home? Here’s What to Lookout For

Finding the right home to suit your needs in the case of a disability is quite a difficult task. Although, there is a wide range of homes that have been adapted and made accessible, finding the one that suits your needs still matters.This is because disability differs and finding a home that suits your specific […]

2018 Predictions for Real Estate in Bangalore

Trends are the pacesetters through which predictions are based and the Realty sector also determines its future from the trends that have come up in the market. The year 2018 is a year that will be influenced by policies, trends and decisions of other years. For instance, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 2017 […]

Planning a Vacation in Bangalore? Here’s Why You Need to Rent a Short-Term Apartment

The beautiful city of Bangalore is one place to consider when planning a vacation. The city which is known as the “Garden city” or the “Silicon Valley of India” is best known for its technological achievements as it is India’s IT hub. Bangalore has a beautiful climate, whether it is February, May or October, you […]

Housing for All by 2022, Reviving Real Estate in India

The government of India is concerned about its citizens and aims to provide affordable homes for all its citizens both in rural and urban areas by 2022. The government is aiming to go beyond the luxury homes flooding the real estate market and provide cheap and affordable urban housing. ¬†Former President Pranab Mukherjee announced in […]

Restaurants to try out in Bangalore this valentine’s day

Bangalore is a unique city, it has over 2700 restaurants. Living in Bangalore as a foodie would mean an extraordinary experience of different aromas and delicacies. You can give yourself and loved ones a taste of love this valentine as you explore the restaurants in Bangalore and experience the beauty of food Bangalore has to […]