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Reasons and Tips for getting a Renters Insurance

Sometimes, disaster takes us unaware and when this happens there is no contingency plan for moving forward. Getting back on your feet after losing everything you have to a fire; a flood or burglary might take some time. “But my Landlord’s house will be insured,” you say. Do you know that the Landlords insurance policy […]

Tenancy Laws for Property Management in Bangalore

Tenancy Laws in Bangalore Imagine having a squabble with your Landlord over delayed repairs, unannounced visits, and ridiculous guest policies. Laws help not only in dispute resolutions but also in the protection of rights. Your rental property management company in Bangalore would insist that you familiarise yourself with the tenancy laws and also ensure you […]

Pet Policies for renting a flat in Bangalore

People keep pets for different reasons and for some these pets are part of the family. Imagine having to part with your precious pet because of your Landlords no pet policy? This is why it is important to know the pet policy in Bangalore. Although, your rental property management company would inform you about the […]

Hassle Free Rental And Property Management For Nris In Bangalore

Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) invest in different locations in India, particularly their native places and rapidly developing places like Bangalore, Pune, and Gurgaon amongst others. Property management company in Bangalore are in high demands by NRIs to manage their rental properties while they are away. Bangalore is ranked the fifth most populous Indian city and the 18th […]

The Pros And Cons Of Renting A Home Near Bangalore University

The art of renting a home goes beyond the structure of the house and its price, location also matters.  A rental property management company in Bangalore will take you through the steps of choosing a home close to Bangalores university and its campuses; Bengaluru and Jnana Bharathi campuses respectively.  The Rental Property Management Company In […]

Top 10 Best Locations to Rent a house in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city worth exploring. From its huge and beautiful gardens that earned the city the nickname the Garden City to drinking an amazing cup of coffee or filter Kaapi. The city offers residency to expats since its India’s IT Hub. So, if you are relocating to Bangalore, here’s a list of locations you […]

Protecting your Reputation as a Property Management company in Bangalore

Protecting your online reputation as a Property Management Company is very important. These days’ people refer to the internet for almost every question they have. So, questions about property managers would not be left out. People take the information they get on the internet to be the truth so even if the best way to […]

How to Identify the Right Landlord for rent a flat in Bangalore

The fear of choosing the wrong house in Bangalore is equivalent to that of renting from the wrong Landlord. Being a Landlord might seem to be a profitable idea for many but providing a home for people requires more than caring about your source of income. A Rental Property Management Company In Bangalore would take […]