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Are your pets annoying the neighbors?

Are your pets annoying the neighbors?


Pets are family! But man’s best friend can also be incessantly annoying at times. The barking, whining, growling and howling may have grown on you, but it won’t be long before you realize that it’s becoming a nuisance to your neighbors. These are just natural animal instincts and reactions to changing environments and must be tolerated to some extent.  But there are those who can be condescending, taking matters into their own hands, just to avoid crossing paths with that furry friend of yours. Pet parents need to understand this and ensure the safety and discipline of their pets to avoid unwanted conflicts. Of course, if aggressors turn on you or your pets with harassment, there are laws to protect your rights as a pet owner. Taking responsibility for your pets and mitigating foreseeable hazards can go a long way in maintaining peace with your fellow residents. Here are some helpful tips to be in control of the situation:

  • Keep your dog on a leash while taking a stroll around the park, so that it doesn’t intimidate other humans or animals.
  • Make sure your pets are given enough attention, love and care and are engaged in mind and body stimulation activities. Avoid restricting them to confined spaces and give them enough playtime outdoors.
  • Give your pets chew toys while teething so they don’t chew on your sofas.
  • Your dog might need your attention after being left alone in the house, causing him to bark non-stop. Petcube app lets you play, treat, watch and talk to your pet and is a great way to keep your pets engaged while you’re away.
  • Vacations are great but make sure to include your pet friend in your travels, so he doesn’t feel left out and takes it out on the neighbors. You could also book a pet hostel to ensure that your pet is well taken care of for the time that you are
  • Using a Dog whistle to train your pet can be very effective in curbing bad behaviors. These whistles having ultrasonic ranges that our human ears can’t register are picked up by dogs that eventually learn to accept these sounds as commands.
  • Behavioral changes such as aggression towards other animals and mounting, can be avoided by desexing your pet or taking them to mating centers.
  • Get your pets vaccinated and sterilized and always make sure to ‘scoop the poop’, as these are very important health and safety measures to prevent the spread of microbes, which may be the cause of infectious diseases.
  • Animal Welfare Board of India has issued notices regarding guidelines for pet owners, to ensure the safety and well-being of animals. If you are faced with harassment, it is best to lodge a complaint with the police or contact animal welfare organizations such as the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization.




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