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How is technology improving property management?

Technology is revolutionizing the way we live and go about our business. The real estate industry is having its fair share of technology use. Rental property management companies in Bangalore are also buying into the idea of exploring technology to ease the way and method business is being carried out.

Paper to Digital

Years ago, renters perused pages of local newspapers or magazines for rental property but today, the story is different. Renters can comfortably search for properties available for lease on the internet. Property advertising on the internet has increased the chances of reaching the target audience in a cost-effective way. Leasing time, a time-consuming process is reduced considerably via the use of online applications for background checks the  3D virtual tour of properties, online leasing and signing and so on.

Hardware to Software

Rental property management companies in Bangalore now benefit from the use of software that aids them in issues such as maintenance. The typical procedure for maintenance department involves a lot of phone call,  paper work orders and manual status updates. This results in a lot of manhours been spent on manual data entry and long delays between when work is completed and when tenants and owners are notified. However, with the use of software and other mobile apps that allow maintenance coordinators to monitor the progress of work orders and track the location of technicians, most of these processes can be handled in a timely manner if not eliminated.

Records to Applications

The job of rental property managers can be aided by the use of custom applications for renters. These apps work by an automatic screening process that examines each prospective tenant’s credit, eviction and rental history, and criminal record. From the result of your inquiry, depending on your custom set of criteria, your software will recommend whether you should accept or decline a new tenant.

Cloud storage

Back in the days, rental property managers could only store information on Word files spreadsheet. With cloud-based property management software, property managers and staff can easily upload, share, and review information about properties from anywhere 24/7. This data accessibility provides up to date information and improves customer service increasing productivity and performance.

Payment Solutions

Rental property managers are benefitting from the huge advantages of online payment options which reduces handling of raw cash which can sometimes be dangerous and burdensome. With these payment solutions, accurate records of payments and transfers are logged thereby eliminating any form of error due to inappropriate filing and fraudulent claims.

With billions of people on the social media, rental property management companies in Bangalore would want to leverage on this medium for their businesses. Some of these software and mobile applications have social media tools that help rental property managers interact with clients and showcase their properties online. More so, reviews and feedback can be received via the social media platforms on the quality of service being rendered by a property manager.

Rentprop4u utilizes various software and applications to ensure we give our clients and renters the ultimate satisfaction.


Rentprop4U Property Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

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