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Legal Checklist before You Rent in Bangalore

You have an image of your dream home in mind before picking contacting the rental property manager and a checklist has been prepared that clearly states your preferences. But most often, we get so carried away with the euphoria of getting our dream home we forget about the legal checklist. Yes, there is a legal […]

Tenancy Laws for Property Management in Bangalore

Tenancy Laws in Bangalore Imagine having a squabble with your Landlord over delayed repairs, unannounced visits, and ridiculous guest policies. Laws help not only in dispute resolutions but also in the protection of rights. Your rental property management company in Bangalore would insist that you familiarise yourself with the tenancy laws and also ensure you […]

The Pros And Cons Of Renting A Home Near Bangalore University

The art of renting a home goes beyond the structure of the house and its price, location also matters.  A rental property management company in Bangalore will take you through the steps of choosing a home close to Bangalores university and its campuses; Bengaluru and Jnana Bharathi campuses respectively.  The Rental Property Management Company In […]

How to Identify the Right Landlord for rent a flat in Bangalore

The fear of choosing the wrong house in Bangalore is equivalent to that of renting from the wrong Landlord. Being a Landlord might seem to be a profitable idea for many but providing a home for people requires more than caring about your source of income. A Rental Property Management Company In Bangalore would take […]

Inspired Ideas to do up your rent House for Christmas in Bangalore

Christmas is a time for bonding, reunions and holidays. Synonymous with Christmas is shopping, decorating and gift sharing. You would want to transform your home into a wonderland this Christmas. There is no need to ruffle your feathers; you can get some fabulously on-trend Christmas decorating ideas below… Window Display Add a festive touch to […]

How to identify Good Rental investments in Bangalore

Have some excess funds and want to invest it? Then real estate is the best bet for you. It is quite common in India to Invest in the commercial and residential property for rental yield. Contacting a rental property management in Bangalore for tips on rental property investment would go a long way into aiding […]

What’s the best accounting software for a property management company

The stress of overseeing a property in person, calculating rent increment, and other charges can seem somewhat daunting but with the help of an accounting software, your work as an agent or even a home owner becomes easy. Some software even has cloud-based features that allow you monitor your investment if you are too busy. […]

Do’s and don’ts when Renting an Office Space in Bangalore

Your business relies strongly on its venue of operation and when your business begins to bloom, you need to expand from your homestead. Getting your desired office space in Bangalore should not be a difficult experience for you as rental property management in Bangalore is there to do the searching for you. Renting an office space […]

Tips on Choosing a Family Friendly Neighborhood in Bangalore

The sound of police sirens as they chase criminals down the block. Strange men standing on the walkway smoking cigarettes, frequent reports of rape and thefts. The scenery painted above is that of a neighbourhood every parent avoids. As a parent, you would want to rent a home in a comfortable, children-friendly environment. You would […]