General FAQ

No, currently we operate the rental system only for the gated societies and localities. If in any time in future, we expand our reach to independent houses we will surely get in touch with you.
Currently, we are only working in Bangalore and in the coming days we are planning to expand to all the important cities of the country.
Currently, we are only managing residential properties. We will let you know if we manage commercial properties.
No, currently we are only managing the flats that we rent out at a contract of 11 months. If in future we manage any property that falls under PG/Accommodation we will update.
We at RentProp4U has a property management fees of about 15 days of the rent which will be paid each 11 months. There are a tenant finder's fees that are charged in getting a new tenant. All the fees vary according to the time as well as the effort put in for each tenant. However, if the tenant is recommended by the owner directly then we have no charges.

Rent Payments

With the help of RentProp4U algorithm statistics, you are able to ensure the right rental price for your property without any kind of hassles or troubles. The right amount of rent will be paid for you so that you are always in profit while outsourcing all your rent related worries to us.
Through using the extensive market research from various sources from the industry with the analytical models we work towards ensuring the best possible means to determine the rental services. Apart from it, the rent depends on the apartment, the amenities it is ensuring, furnishings, locality as well as the market supply and demand situation.
For your property RentProp4U shares a proper market scenario that will commit a rent with a start date while marketing your flat in a proper manner. The rent will be provided on the said committed date or from the date when the tenant will start living in the property.
At RentProp4U you are able to get the payment from the committed date or from the date when the tenant moves as and whenever it is earlier.
If any transaction is asked in a domestic bank account, then there will be no deduction in the TDS whereas if any NRI is operating an NRO account and payment is asked to be made in the account then TDS will be applicable in accordance with the government rules. As per the Government rules around 30% of the rent will be deducted and paid to the income tax department as per the owner's PAN number in accordance with the NRO account.
As for the maintenance charges the owner will be notified with the dues on a regular basis, therefore, it is recommended that the owner should directly pay the maintenance to the society. However, it can be much more easier to manage the maintenance payment as the tenant will change. If the owners want we at RentProp4U can easily manage the maintenance charges for them.
There will be a proper follow-up process from the team to the tenant for an amount of reasonable time. If the tenant fails to pay the rent then a legal notice will be shared with the tenant asking them to vacate the flat. The owner will, however, continue to receive the rent without any delays till the end of the notice period of the tenant.


There is a rental power of attorney which is supposed to be signed by the owner of the house. This in a way ensures that RentProp4U can sign a rental agreement as well as the licensing agreement on the behalf of the owner with the tenant. Apart from this, a property management agreement is also signed that covers the terms and conditions with a proper mentioning of the rent guarantee.
As per the signed authorized power of attorney agreement and the license from the owner we make the tenants sign the agreement.
Through a simple download of the sample draft from the property management service agreement and the rental power of attorney, you are easily able to make the agreement.
The rental power of attorney is basically the agreement that takes place between the owner and RentProp4U. It makes us sign the rental agreement with the owner's behalf as per the terms agreed. You can check the sample draft here.
Tenant Acquisition
  • Prescreening of prospective tenants as well as sharing the report with the owner
  • Executing the lease/license and proper agreement with the tenant
  • Proper collection of rent as well as deposit from the tenant
  • Inspecting the property as and when required on behalf of the owner
  • Properly handling the tenant complaints with the repair requests
  • Processing of the termination of the tenant with proper security refund requests
  • Conducting repairs and renovation on the tenant change for the proper preparation of the new tenant.
For any kind of repairs that needs to take place in the property, we at RentProp4U will provide assured assistance through the help of well trained and selected list of vendors. However, neither the owner nor the tenant has any kind of obligations to utilize the services of RentProp4U. Also, if the property is handed over to the team for the first time then all the repair costs have to be managed by the owner. The cost of ongoing repair will either be barred by the owner or the tenant as per the kind of repair as well as its cause. Apart from it in situations when on the tenant termination any kind of repairs or the renovations have to take place if any kind of damage has taken place then the outgoing tenant have to pay for the damage.
The set of criteria according to which we list standard homes are:
  • The Proper amount of exposure of light in the house, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, outside balconies etc.
  • Placement of fans in all the areas inclusive of bedrooms, living rooms, dining and study rooms as well as in the study rooms.
  • At least a one-2 door wardrobe fitted in every bedroom
  • Furnished kitchen with cabinets, tap and sink, exhaust fans, chimney exhaust, window.
  • A Proper provision in the utility area for the setting up of the washing machine with all the important amenities like power plugs, water inlets as well as water outlets.
  • The bathroom should be having a proper connection for a hot water, a wash basin, towel as well as cloth hangers, western style commode, soap holders, showers and an exhaust fan etc.
  • A proper doorbell is also essential for the house.
  • The flat should be properly painted with the cleaning of all the fittings in the good working conditions in order to meet as per the standards of the RentProp4U properties.
As per our experience in the markets with the proper customer's expectations we have shortlisted a list of things as per the desires of the tenant which they expect from the rented apartment. In order to help you meet the requirements to get the house rent out, we have set a standard regulation.
Once you rent out your apartment you can reach our support team on …or write to us at.


Yes, you are free to inspect your home anytime when it is fully occupied but you should at least inform us a day prior so that we can check with the tenant availability and can easily organize the inspection.
No, as RentProp4U select tenants based on our strict adherence to the screening process. However, you have the right to state your preference i.e family bachelors, pets etc that will be helpful for us to screen the tenants accordingly. Also, we never consider any preference which is based on religion, caste, and creed.
We properly verify the ID of the tenant, the address proof, employment status during the examination of the documents. A proper background check is also conducted from our end if required. In the case of any kind of unexpected situation, we at RentProp4U will immediately terminate the tenant with all the formalities. However, we will use the best efforts to make sure that you are not facing trouble in case of tenants.
No, currently police verification is not a part of our screening process.
In the case of a foreign tenant, we submit all kinds of immigration documents to the nearby police station and once approved we work towards ensuring it in the screening process.
Yes, we at RentProp4U provides complete details of the tenant. After the screening of the tenants and their documents we properly share all the details with the owners. However, we at RentProp4U will decide whether to go with any tenant or not.
Yes, you can communicate with the tenant at any amount of time but we can wish that for a sustainable relationship you can let RentProp4U manage the tenant relations.

Property Use

No, we at RentProp4U only sign residential agreements.
Our specialized team conduct a timely inspection and ensure that there is no problem in the maintenance of the property.


There is no certified period for the cancellation of the contract. You can easily cancel the contract with a prior notice of one month.