The policies are published under the legal document of the Information Technology ACT of 2000 which requires intermediaries to publish all kind of rules as well as regulation, privacy policies as well as access to the usage of the Website as governed under Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology Rules of 2011


RentProp4u work towards ensuring the privacy of the users as well as the data that is prevalent on the Website such that all your rights and the privacy will not be hampered with ensuring the information secure. We really acknowledge you to check the privacy policies of the organization and simply adhere to its principles in a proper manner. It also provides complete information on the things that provide you information from where we source our data and resources.

In order to offer you the quality services, we might require you to enroll you on the website and register you with supremacy. As the registered manner, you ensure to provide your name, email address, date of birth and the phone number password validation.

Some services enlisted on the web domains will directly take you to the third parties that are primarily dealt with the manner of the privacy policy. It is stated that Rentprop4u has no control over any kind of information for the users posted on the other websites for the users. The Privacy Policy is only dealt with the amount of information that is shared with the personal information. We will not be responsible for any kind of information which is shared by the third party domains. We fully encourage you to carefully review all the policies stated on the website. We caution you not to disclose any information on such kind of websites to ensure your safety and protection of the profile.


Like other commercial websites, our website also manages the standard technology cookies for the purpose of collecting information. Cookies are basically small information which is stored in the browser on the computer hard disc. They are used to help understand the browsing session so that we can offer the users with the complete amount of accurate information in the most innovative manner.

A lot of web browsers accept the cookies through the options of using the web browser on the software programs. There are software settings through which you can very easily be able to control a number of cookies that can be accepted by the browser. RentProp4u help you to block any amount of unwanted internet activities with an unscrupulous amount of lookouts. Through blocking the websites, you are going to disable certain amount of cookies and the use of a website

There are a lot of new products that are added to check with the enhancement on the website. To help you facilitate with the proper information about the services we are ensuring you to get the email address, name, nature. Some kind of information is also stored in such a manner that it can be used for the purpose of providing you a complete amount of satisfaction


The policy is basically the general statement that will help to protect you for the Personal Information. The terms and conditions of the policy will change from time to time and without the consent. Any amount of revised policy will automatically be used with an effect of posting on the website and will bind your sole responsibility that without any knowledge you will check on the policies. You will be subject to suffer from things if you don’t adhere to the policies of the organization.