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Proficient Tenant Management


Get your first class property cleaned, painted, repaired for tenant move in


We Arrange and Manage tenant visits


Easy and simple tenant screening. Qualified tenant is handed over the property

Perfect Tenant Occupancy


Get timely and hassle free rent


We manage and handle tenant queries throughout the rent period.


We conduct time to time property inspection

Convenient Tenant MoveOut


We manage end to end Paperwork during tenant exit


Ensure repairs, paint and cleaning after tenant move out


Manage tenant security refund

Why owners choose Rentprop4 Property Management Services in Bangalore ?


Professional Repairs at Affordable Costs

Rentprop4u Property management services in bangalore,We maintain repairs of your property through employing vetted plumbers, electricians and painters at handy deals and discounts. Ensuring you with proper property maintenance.

Complete Paperwork Management

At Rentprop4u, we manage complete documentation with respect to tenant verification, owner and tenant agreement, tenant verification and tenant screening



Get your rent on time

We ensure you with timely rent on the prescribed date every month and manage cash flow efficiency

Tenant Hassles put to rest

Rentprop4U manage and caters tenant queries, resolve disputes, handle repairs, check signing receipts etc and take the necessary actions in house



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Check out our comprehensive Repair Policy

Essentials required from Owner for Property Repairs at the Initial Level

As the owner you need to provide Rentprop4U a newly painted fresh home without any patch work

Standardized Regulations

Rentprop4U property management services has its own set of rules and regulations before listing the property on the portal. At the initial level proper inspection of the property will be carried out by the in house team. Any repair, installation or replacement required in accordance with RentProp4u’s specifications will fall under repair with prior approval from owner.

Turnkey Repair Solutions

At Rentprop4U is completly end to end property management services in Bangalore, we manage all the repair and replacements done by the professional vendors under the supervision of our property managers. We ensure to provide the tenant with superior quality home under good condition. All the costs of the repairs will be borne by the owner. The owner can also conduct the repairs on its own as per their convenience

Issue of Warranty Cards

The owner has to duly provide all kinds of warranty cards and receipts related to electrical fittings, plumbing etc to Rentprop4U Property Management company. Failure to provide the warranty cards leading to any trouble faced by the tenant during the tenure will make the owner bear the costs of the services



Repair Policy During Tenant Occupancy

Replacement Quality

If during the tenant tenure any wear and tear happens to property due to manhandling then the tenant have to pay for the expenses. The replacement should be of the same brand and quality as the initial material.

Checking on Major Issues

Any kind of leakage or new wiring and pipe connections requirements will fall under the owner’s responsibilities and costs for the same will be borne by the owner.

Property Renovation

Any kind of tenant demand related to replacement or renovation of the home will be done on owner’s approval and the costs of the services will be borne by the owner. For any kind of damage of the electrical appliances will be checked by the vendor and accordingly the issue will be settled among the tenant and owner. For minimalistic repairs the costs will be borne by the tenant.

Bill Payments and Maintenance-All You Should Know About


On-Going Society Maintenance

The owner will pay the maintenance as per the prices mentioned in the Agreement. If the agreement includes the maintenance then the Owner will pay the charges while if it is excluded in the agreement then tenant will pay to the society


Property Vacancy

Any Kind of payments and bills during the time property is vacant will be looked after by the Owner. We at Rentprop4u will verify that no payments are pending before a new tenant move in


Special Society Charges

Any kind of societal charges in lieu to the club houses, renovations, funds will be borne by the Owner.


Electrical Appliances Repairs

All kinds of warranties have to be provided by the owners and if not provided then the cost of replacement will be looked after by the Owner


Tenant Move Out

At Rentprop4uwe properly check the payment of all the pending bills before the tenant exit


Tax on Property

As per the demand of the Owner, we at RentProp4u pay the property tax which falls under the paid service

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