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Terms and Conditions

Through visiting, browsing and using the websitewww.rentprop4u.comyou fully agree and accept the terms and condition to avail any kind of services and offers atwww.rentprop4u.com. Kindly go through the website's Terms and Conditions and always take care of the updates in the policies from time to time without any prior notice to the users and as the user of the website you should always adhere to the policies and Terms as well as Conditions for which you agree to be bound for any revisions and changes.

Anything found unlawful or a breach of contempt should be considered as void for any amount of enforceable. If at any moment you doesn't agree to the clauses or terms and conditions of www.rentprop4u.comyou are free to leave theuse of the services and completely adhere the terms and conditions. The properties listed on the website are not always falling under any offers. All the orders and contact made for the renting of the property should be levied in such a manner that they adhere to the principles of terms and conditions.

We fully reserve the right to accept or reject your candidature for booking the selected property due to any error in the documents, unavailability of the property at the given time period. If any payment is made in advance and due to unavailability of the property we ensure full refund of the payment.

Under Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology Act, the document is a legal draft prepared with the provisions of all kinds of important policies as per the usage of the terms of access. Throughout the website terms and phrases like "we", "our", "us" are referred to rentprop4u whereas "you" will be referred to the visitors and users of the website.

Collection of Information

At Rentprop4u we only collect the primary personal informationof the users and subscribers. We have no procedure of scrutinizing or reducing the genuineness of the users as per the purpose. All the information collected from our end in the form of cookies or for the purpose of helping our users get notifications of the things of their choice we fully ensure to maintain the confidentiality with respect to the Privacy Policy. The privacy policy talks about the collection of information as per the provision of services. All the changes will be updated from time to make you get acquainted with all the formalities.


In order to avail our services,one must be atleast 18 years of age as below this age one is strictly prohibited from registering on the Website that can lead to legal actions. Through using our services you fully agree to comply with Terms of Use.

Protection of the Account and Password

You are fully responsible for safeguarding the password as well as an account inorder to continue using the Services. It will be your sole responsibility and caution to keep a constant check over the activities that take place through using your account. If in case, there is any fraudulent or mishap you are required to immediately report to the authorities about the unauthorised user. During such cases, you will be provided with a new login ID and password. On the other hand, your existing account will be blocked or discontinued. RentProp4u will not be responsible for any kind of loss and damage that is resulted due to the unauthorized use of the account on the website. We surely advise you to keep a proper check of your account login and password so that it doesn't have any amount of misuse.

No Consulting

RentProp4u is not a property dealer or a broker, therefore, any kind of content shared on the website should not be recommended for the specific product or service. For any kind of professional help from a qualified person, it is advisable not to solely follow the format. If at any moment you find the content to be questionable or problematic you should immediately contact the team for the same.

Property Leads are shared at non-exclusive basis

You fully acknowledge the fact that all the property listings, as well as information shared, will be on the basis of the exclusive use of the subscribers and on the non-exclusive basis depending on the specific amount of requirements. As per the availability of the property solely depend upon the confirmation of the property owner and the subscriber.

Disputes and Law of Jurisdiction

RentProp4u will not be responsible for any kind of disputes that might occur between the participants and the users with respect to any kind of matter related to the Website. During such kind of situations you release Rent Prop4u, its employees, agents as well as the successors from any kind of damages, claims or demands pertaining to any nature both known as well as unsuspected or disclosed.